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I know this is a nice font, but will it sell butt plugs?

Article on the my first devMEET in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Read bitches, it's all gooey and stuff. :aww:…

Back in 2005, I had just moved to

China for university after finishing

high school in Thailand. It was a

brand new country with brand new

language(s), culture, people, everything. Like

everyone who graduates from high school

and moves onto the next step, I missed my

friends and my old life.

Around the same time, I remembered that

I had opened an account on an art

community website, It was

a website where anyone could open a free

account, upload artwork into categories

ranging from digital art to photography to

traditional, discuss and network with other

artists from around the globe.

So, instead of making the rational

decision of getting myself out there and

making new friends, I decided to get more

active in this amazing online community. At

one point, I'm pretty sure it could've been

classed as an addiction. I was hastily getting

out of my classes just so I could take the bus

back home and get on dA! There were

artworks to browse, people to 'meet', forum

threads to conquer. It was WILD. Eventually,

I was offered to join the volunteering teams

to moderate forums and chatrooms. For

those who are into online communities, you

know what that's like – instant (online)

celebrity status. Needless to say, my social

life at that point was next to non-existent,

but I couldn't care less. Over the next three

years, as I graduated university and started

to work, I began to have less and less time to

spend online. Eventually I had to give up my

volunteer position. Even then, I'd visit dA

once a week. I truly believe that the amount

of talented artists that I met online did

shape me as a graphic designer today, and

that's something no one can forget easily.

Fast forward to 2011. I returned to Dhaka

after almost 10 years. The experience of just

being back here deserves it's own page. Let's

just say it was almost a new China for me:

leaving my old friends and life behind, again.

I do have family here, but when I returned I

had only one or two friends. Thankfully,

Facebook changed that, and in a few months

I was re-discovering old friends and

classmates from my school here, and

catching up with everyone and all. I still

missed the company of 'creatives' –

photographers, artists, designers, and

painters – though, my usual social circles

back in China. That's when I discovered this

group on Facebook: Bangladeshi Deviant –

the biggest Bangladeshi group on I had to join straight away. The

excitement of a potential meet-up – or as they

call it, a devMEET – in Dhaka would be an

amazing thing to miss out on. I contacted the

founders straight away; just as I suspected, they

were bred from the same love of art like me.

After that, it was only a matter of few weeks

of brainstorming, running around, staying up at

nights, and even studying(!); the event was on.

Untitled 1 – A Street Exhibition was held on 24

February 2012 at the University of Asia Pacific

campus. There were 100+ pieces of artwork,

ranging from digital, mixed media, traditional to

photography, all from the Bangladeshi Deviant

group, along with Graphics and Animation

Association (GRAFA) and School of Everything

Else (SEE). One of the truly amazing things about

the exhibition was that the collective work was

done by very young folks. I'd say almost 90 per

cent came from students and hobbyists, while

the rest from professional designers and artists.

Along with the exhibition, there were live

unplugged musical performances by our local

indie guys Blunderware, Biporit, Naïve, and Our

Lady of Bengal, with a lucky last-minute

performance by Norwegian flutist Ingeborg

Christophersen. The casual jamming of these

musicians set the perfect mood throughout the

event. There was a focus on art, a focus on music

and a focus on mingling, getting to know each

other, networking and so much more.

As the sun set, we moved on to the third and

final act – a light graffiti photography session

that anyone could take part in. Anyone that

could hold a light source and move around in

front of a camera for 5-8 seconds were

encouraged (maybe even forced) to jump straight

in. At the end of the day, the event went better

than I'd ever dreamt of.

Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, but

this is what Dhaka needs more of: an open

mingling of like-minded people, of course in a

safe place. If you'd like to be part of an amazing

and fast growing arts community, do join the

Bangladeshi Deviant group on Facebook and

deviantART; it's an amazing place to be. Maybe,

at the next event, it will be your artwork right up

there on the wall.

Come, say Hi, 'browse' artwork, listen to live bands & jump around for light graffiti!

Getting rid of that loooong ass, depressing journal.

Thanks everyone who's buying Fine. -… :heart:!

Buy more and bigger plz =p


How's everyone? :)
So so so very tired of getting fucked over. :)

Guys, help me out and vote here please.………

blankies. by shutdown
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I could hump snowmask & NunoDias to death! :love::paranoid::love:

blankies. by shutdown

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So, i just cleared out all my entire message centre, (sorry.. :bucktooth:) , thinking of hanging out here a bit more since my next job's going to involve me in a social network / online production house for artists (what what :shh:), plus I should have more time to mess around.

So first things first, someone link me to all the scripts and addons the cool kids are using nowadays, dAmn extensions, message centre notifications etc etc, bring 'em on!

And secondly, what's going on? Where's all the gossip and dArama at? Someone fill me in!



Thanks for the b-day wishes guys! It was um good.. for some reason most of the gifts i recieved were bottles of alcohol...dunno why..
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19 =…
First 6 months living in China. College & dA. (Won a sweet year long subscription from lolly in the forums a few months back and a premium prints sub from Fi (fourteenthstar) :love:

20 =… &…
Final presentation for college, DD on the same project (…). First interview/full time design job evar ( Oh and i was rocking an @ B-)

21 =… & shortly after =…
Got published in a Chinese/Greek children's book :#1:
Working part time for a new design company ( + studying part time for a design management degree, busy busy. I can't really remember how i celebrated my 21st but uh, I THINK i was pretty drunk with my boss..and left mn@ a few weeks after.

22 =…
Still working at the same place. Parents left China on the same day, graduated the next day, woke up in some weird places.. Moved in with a room mate the next month...bad move. Oh and I was pretty broke..but i did meet my current gf 2 weeks later. :aww:

Left old company.
Working for a soccer league half the week while running a creative company with a friend the other half =
10s and 100s and 1000s of freelance work. Had no sleep this week, and i really should be working.
Almost a year with the gf. :love:
Organised a month long weekly event at a nightclub.
Getting an article published in a local magazine.(soon :shh:)
Lauching Blankies - soon :aww:
Went back to Bangladesh for a few days. (after 6 years!)
Went to the beach.

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So, like i'm leaving for Bangladesh on Sunday. :slow: and coming back next Monday. Visa stuff.

But probably be nice to be back after 6 years. :aww:

Also check out what's in the works -

< img src="okay changed my mind, sorry but stay tuned!" />

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A friend of mine's looking for a CSS dude (or dudette). This is the site -

The number of pages will be the same (except 1. he would like to be able to add pages on later by himself and 2. The pages after are not required). Also he wants to integrate with a Paypal cart system. The design of the site will also be provided.

If anyone's up for this, contact me through email please -
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Got a blog for mostly visual stuff. Makes my crappy photos look good! :#1:

Check it out -

So, 2009 so far.

- Met my gf on new year's eve.
- Bought a camera!
- Went to a beach for the first time in 5 years.
- Moved in with a room mate.
- Holy fucking hell...moved out.
- Moved to my own place.
- Uh oh, cant afford, gimme more freelance work kthx.

Yeah, that's about it so far.

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Me too? I did nuthin'! :(


Oh and so i got a Sony DSC-H50 and it's awesome, so don't tell me about other brands!
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Go here:…

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Wahey, i'm back! Dont know what that was, but thankfully i'm back and shall go back to being my inactive, sometimes drunk-browsing, self. :aww:

Thanks for the b-day wishes! I got back home at 7 am, two days in a row.

Graduation = awesome
Parents leaving = awesome
Packing and moving apartments = not so awesome. I'll be stuck in the same apartment for another month, but all my stuff is in the new place. Anyway, so if anyone wants to visit China, i got an extra room/bed, just bring your own blanket and pillows.


Um, hi guys. If you don't know, shutdown will no longer be able to hang out with us here :(

China has completely blocked dA. We're going to miss him :cry:. Anyway, TODAY is his 22nd birthday. He asked me to post a journal for him. I didn't really know what to say, so here's what he said, CONTEXT INCLUDED :#1::

oru says:


M says:

Hey slut

oru says:

it's my birthday. i wanna post a journal. fucking china

M says:


oru says:

anyway help plz

M says:

So, what do you want me to type?
Have any nude pics of yourself you'd love to share?
(I bet Vernon and Tim would LOVE that :eyes:)

Oru says:

you can post some of your naked pics if you like, eh eh.
I can't even see what you're saying :(.
So better not say some shit like,

M says:

I promise! Ok, I'm signed on.
i'm going to fave some. CAN I FAVE SOME?

Oru says:

Kitties? What kitties?
NO, there are no kitties!! JAPIdsaijdipidpd Fav some nude chicks!

Basically, Oru wants to say--

From his mouth to your ears.

Go talk to him on his Facebook:…

I know this journal is longish already, but he wanted you to know:

oru says:

you suck!
im hungry now
but bed time for mee
i still have to do so much other shitt in the morning
then take my mom to the airport
then go to the office
then go get drunk
then come back home and pack shit
then the next day to graduation
then get drunk again
then party till saturday morning
then sleep for a few hours
then move apartments
then go out again on saturday night
that's my schedule till sunday

Yes, our little Rosebud will stay plenty busy :slow: even without us

-KagomeResurrected. Sorry for the longness. That's what he said. Ok, I'm done.
I would like to start selling "play" play. by shutdown.

48 pages - A5 size (14.85 cm X 21 cm). Not sure what kind of binding yet.

Who would buy it? How much would you pay for it?

Also, how much in average is a t-shirt from your wardrobe?
/me needs more monies for blings blings and ho's.


In other news, parents are leaving China next week, I'm moving in with a friend. Also, next week, i'll be 22.
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everything was going well until that blowjob from her best friend in the back of the car


Boy meets girl (online), boy falls in love, boy cant wait to meet, boy gets a different gf, boy meets girl (rl), boy breaks up with gf (mutual agreement, it was the timing, i swear!), boy meets girl + girl's friend, boy gets drunk, boy hooks up with girl's friend.

But girl indifferent.


The love part is for dramatic purposes. :B
Just launched the new site: Check it out! :) - V2 by shutdown - V2 by shutdown - V2 by shutdown

*Ps. Portfolio images are still loading to the server.

Things to fix/do:
- Open CV.pdf in a new window
- Website gallery empty
- Add/fix Clients logos
- Your mom.



And also, Happy dAd!:#1:


Journal Entry: Thu Sep 11, 2008, 9:59 AM

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 7, 2008, 1:04 PM
Fi has a funny accenttt@!